Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Over 95% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if found early.

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Protect yourself from skin cancers. Book regular skin checks.

The highest rates of melanoma in the world are recorded in Australia and New Zealand. 90% of skin cancer cases are caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, globally accounting for at least 40% of cases. Melanomas can develop from moles but can also develop in healthy unblemished skin. People with light complexions are at higher risk of developing skin cancers. The good news is that preventative measures, early detection and treatment can eliminate the risks associated with skin cancer.

How do you minimise the risk of skin cancer?

Use a 50+ sunscreen when out in the sun. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is harmful especially in early childhood. In addition to the sun and a thinning ozone layer in our atmosphere, tanning beds are another source of harmful UV rays. Learn to detect early warning signs such as a mole that has changed in size, shape, color, has irregular edges, has more than one color, is itchy or bleeds. If you have any skin irregularity, you should have an accredited skin doctor perform a skin check as soon as possible. Remember, early defection and treatment is successful in over 90% of cases.

Skin checks with Dr Bromberg are bulk billed

An annual skin check is recommended however are welcome to visit as often as you like to discuss any concerns.